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Social Skills Training in Neurodiversity-affirmative Therapy

Social Skills Training

Social skills training within the context of neurodiversity-affirmative therapy is part of an approach designed to support individuals in developing interpersonal skills while honouring their unique neurological makeup.

Common challenges

  • Difficulties in social interactions
  • Misunderstandings in communication
  • Managing social expectations

Detailed explanation

Core concepts: Social skills training in neurodiversity-affirmative therapy emphasises the development of confident communication, social interaction, and relationship-building skills.

Benefits: Focus on personal growth and enhancing social experiences.

Flexibility: Adapted to individual needs and preferences.

About social skills training

Social skills training involves structured activities and exercises aimed at improving an individual’s ability to interact socially. In neurodiversity-affirmative therapy, this training respects and adapts to the individual’s uniqueness, encouraging authentic and meaningful interactions.

How it helps

This training can significantly enhance interpersonal relationships and social confidence by providing practical tools and skills for communication and social interaction.

How it works

Approaches used in social skills training may include role-playing, social stories, and direct instruction, all adapted to the individual’s learning style and needs. This personalised approach ensures that the skills learned are relevant and applicable to the individual’s everyday life.


What is neurodiversity-affirmative therapy?
Neurodiversity-affirmative therapy is an approach that recognises and values neurological differences, such as autism and ADHD, and aims to support individuals without trying to ‘fix’ or ‘cure’ these differences.
Who can benefit from social skills training?
Anyone who experiences challenges in social interactions can benefit from social skills training, particularly individuals with autism, ADHD, and other neurodivergent conditions.
How long does social skills training take?
The duration of social skills training varies depending on the individual’s needs and goals. It can be integrated into the therapeutic process.


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