Q&A Session with Therapist Martina Bador

Posted October 25, 2022 by Cristina Vrech

Martina Bador

Martina Bador

Individual, Couples and Psychosexual Therapist


15+ years experience as a therapist, professional member of BACP and COSRT. Individual, Couples and Psychosexual therapist including LGBTQI+ communities.

Extensive experience working with relationship issues, communication problems, issues around physical and sexual health, women after menopause, anxiety and depression.

Offering online appointments.

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Martina Bador has worked as a therapist for over 15 years. Her work has an integrative approach, with Person Centred foundations. In this question and answer session, she discusses her background and the inspirations for her work.

Martina Bador

Why did you become a therapist?

I used to work in speech and language, primarily this involved working with parents. I noticed it was very solution focussed, and there was little help for parents who were struggling. This seemed unhelpful, and I wondered if there was another way of working. I am very inquisitive, so I became very interested in this area.

How does your background contribute to your role as a therapist?

My early life experiences left me vigilant to the needs of others. My inquisitive nature means I love the detective element of counselling – working out how to meet the needs of clients and creating the right environment to help them move forward.

Also, my background in speech and language has proved to be really helpful – I learned how catastrophic communication difficulties can be, for the individuals and for their relationships

Why did you decide to specialise in psychosexual therapy?

I’m fascinated by sex, it’s clearly an interesting subject. Sex is intimacy in action. In addition, I like working with couples and taking them from troubled to empowered. 

It’s important to me that those I work with come out of therapy feeling that it was a success

Which particular area are you most passionate about and why?

There are a lot of studies focussing on young, white, straight sex. But I want people who might consider themselves to fall outside the mainstream (however one chooses to define that), to feel comfortable coming for Psychosexual Therapy

What is a common misconception about psychosexual therapy?

That sex is only for young, able-bodied people. Also, that it is scary and embarrassing – it isn’t!

Are there any particular subjects which people don’t talk about enough?

Sex for older people, sex for people in relationships that aren’t straight and white. People are also reluctant to talk about the fact that if orgasm is your goal, you might not have as much fun as if pleasure was your goal.

Do you have a favourite therapy related quote from someone famous or of your own?

Sex is intimacy in action.

What would you say to people who are considering psychosexual therapy?  

Don’t wait for things to get better – if whatever is happening is bothering you, don’t suffer in silence, get some help; that’s what we’re here for.

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Co-founder and director of Leone Centre, 20+ years of experience in supporting people, and offering valuable knowledge through Couples Counselling and Individual Counselling. Before becoming a therapist, I worked in the financial sector.

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