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There's no stronger evidence that counselling changes lives than those whose lives have been turned around by counselling

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Relationship is Everything. Everything is Relationship

We are born in relationship, we are wounded in relationship, and we can be healed in relationship

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Relationship is Everything

Leone Centre associate counsellors, couples therapists, psychotherapists and consultants offer a wealth of experience and commitment to quality. Established in 2009, we are well-known and trusted providers of Relationship Counselling in London and workplace health and well-being consultancy services in Fulham, Kensington, Belgravia, Wimbledon, Chelsea and online. As a premium provider of confidential, personalised, supportive and expert online counselling, Individual Counselling, Couple Counselling, Family Therapy, Psychosexual Therapy and consultancy services, we help individuals, couples and families to heal, reconnect and live more fulfilling and positive lives.

Experienced and trusted providers of relationship, marriage, couples and family counselling in London and Online.

Relationships and well-being matter, and everyone can benefit from good counselling as the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.

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Counselling in London since 2009

Counselling in London

Since 2009 Leone Centre’s experienced therapists and practitioners in Fulham, Kensington, Chelsea, Victoria, Putney & Wimbledon have been offering counselling in London, online counselling, couples and marriage counselling, family therapy, psychotherapy, psychosexual education and counselling, coaching and workplace health and wellbeing consultancy. Our clients are individuals, couples, families, teams and organisations across South West London, Central London and worldwide via our online counselling service.

Each day millions of people are met with challenges that they may silently struggle with or try to tackle on their own. 

Whether you feel challenged in a relationship or by stress or anxiety, a life change, divorce, depression or low self-esteem, the way you handle things is vital to best safeguard your health, good relationships and the quality of your life. 

How do you relate with yourself, your qualities and strengths and the parts of you that need improving? How do you relate with your loved ones, your partner, and your colleagues?

Our in-person counselling in London and online counselling services cover a range of issues and challenges, including anxiety, depression, bereavement, panic attacks, confidence and self-esteem, infidelity and all manifestations of stress affecting your professional and personal life. We work with people who might struggle with addictions and other challenging coping mechanisms.

Our counselling sessions together can help attend to the specific issues impacting your emotional health and relationships.

Relationships and Mental Health

Relational stress, social anxiety and burnout are common challenges of modern life. Each of our associate therapists has substantial experience in providing support for psychological and emotional issues that can have an impact on physical health.

Leone Centre is not a counselling directory; we work with an experienced and selected team of associate therapists and professional counsellors. We work online (face-to-face on Zoom) and counselling in London in various London locations easily reachable from Fulham SW6, Battersea SW11, Putney SW15, Chelsea SW3 and SW10, Victoria SW1, Belgravia and Wimbledon SW19. Since 2020 we have developed a UK and Worldwide presence.

To discuss an initial individual, couple or family counselling appointment in London or to arrange an online counselling (face-to-face on Zoom) session, get in touch with Leone Centre today.

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Why choose Leone Centre?

  • A valued and highly regarded provider of psychotherapy, online therapy and counselling in London since 2009
  • Experienced and supportive therapists offering individual counselling, marriage therapy, relationship counselling, family therapy, psychosexual therapy and EMDR
  • We provide counselling for stress and anxiety and therapy for people who might be struggling with depression, bereavement, panic attacks, eating disorders, as well as confidence and self-esteem issues.
  • We offer personal development counselling for those exploring their experiential path to self-realisation and fulfilment.
  • Our carefully chosen therapists are trained in the UK’s most respected and enriching training institutions and universities.
  • Safe and confidential relational space to help you adapt and cope with challenges
  • UKCP, BACP and BPS registered
  • Counselling in London (or online) sessions available in English, Italian and Russian 
  • All our therapeutic interventions are based on respect, healing and understanding.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

We provide in-depth services with accredited practitioners of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in London, across the UK and worldwide via our online platform. Our MBTI practitioners only use the official Myers-Briggs Type Indicator questionnaire to build a foundational understanding of your personality type. The MBTI service includes the provision of a bespoke report for you to keep outlining your specific personality type alongside an in-depth one-to-one session to explore the impact.

When you understand MBTI personality preferences, you can more readily appreciate individuality and differences between yourself and the people closest to you, such as spouses, partners, children, friends and work colleagues. We offer the MBTI Personality Test alongside any of our other services, including coaching, corporate services, individual counselling and couples counselling. Overall the Myers-Briggs Personality Test is used to help you understand what your personality brings into your life and how it manifests in your relationships, both personal and professional.

Multiple approaches to counselling

At Leone Centre, we work together with individuals, couples, families and teams from many different backgrounds in a way that best fits your needs. All of our therapists offer an integrative approach and include aspects of many different modalities, including EMDR, CBT, EFT, Transactional Analysis and Brainspotting, to name but a few.

Whatever the challenges, we care to work at your own pace, either face-to-face counselling in London or via online counselling (worldwide).

To discuss an initial appointment or to arrange an online counselling session, get in touch with Leone Centre today.

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