Systemic Family Therapy

Systemic Family Therapy


Does Your Family Need Help? 

The goal of systemic family therapy is to heal any mental, emotional, or psychological problems within a family.

Families who are struggling with any issue that brings added stress, relationships, mental health, the loss of a family member, addiction, divorce or financial problems, may benefit from family therapy to help them through their challenges.

While the individual therapist works with one individual, the family therapist views problems in the context of the “system” of the family. 

For instance, a parent struggling with alcoholism is not a problem in isolation as the parent’s struggle has likely affected the rest of the family as well.

A family therapist believes that problems must be addressed with the whole family rather than at a separate individual level.

Family therapy
Troubled teen girl on therapy session with her family and psychiatrist

Some of the issues for which a family may want to consider engaging the services of a qualified professional family therapist are:

  • Communication difficulties between family members
  • Children, teenagers struggling
  • Family members isolating from family life
  • Family members struggling coping with stress
  • Someone in your family having difficulty functioning in their normal capacity
  • The family has experienced a form of trauma and members are finding it hard to cope
  • Mental health, addiction, eating disorders in the family
  • Family members with extreme emotional reactions
Family therapy

What Are the Benefits?

Family therapy has proven to be extremely effective in many cases, and some of the benefits include:

  • Family members have a better understanding of healthy boundaries and patterns within the family
  • Improving communication between family members
  • Increasing empathy
  • Reducing dramatically conflict within the family by gaining anger management skills
  • Creating transparency between family members
  • Helping family members restoring trust, supporting and forgiving each other
  • Helping the family with conflict resolution 
  • Bringing back together family members who have been isolated or have been isolating themselves.
Online family therapy

Why Family Therapy at Leone Centre?

Leone Centre experienced Family Therapists, offer therapy in London and Online.  

Our therapists remain neutral — we don’t take sides.

We help by identifying and assessing behavioural patterns within the family and through encouraging fair, balanced communication between family members.

All discussions in counselling are handled sensitively and, of course, discussions with your therapist are always confidential.

Leone Centre provides online and in-person family therapy, and professional relationship therapy online and at our practices in London. To book your first meeting with one of our family therapists call us on 020 3930 1007 or you may book your first appointment online.